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I bought veneers from this company 6 and a half months ago, paid in full $1, 925.00 and still no product!I keep getting the run around for my refund.

AVOID THIS COMPANY! Laurie is a scam artist, she will say they have been shipped, you call her back a week later and then she will say they are being made now and ready to ship in a week, the machine is broken, shipping lost the information and it goes on and on. Same for the refund, she claims it has been sent. Then you call back and she will say accounting is working on it.

Lies all lies... They did send an upper set but one had a hole in them the other made me look like I had buck teeth and I couldn't even close my mouth, they stuck out over my lower lip. What kind of quality control is that?.

Now they are saying they will not send me a refund or deal with me any longer because they feel I am difficult and will not be happy no matter what they do. Not true, I will happy once they refund my money!

Bill Watson, says they will not work with me until I take down my online postings about them.I will once they either send me what I paid for, or refund my money!

Review about: Brighter Image Lab Veneer.

Monetary Loss: $1.


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Call the attorney general for your state.If they get enough bad business complains they should start some kind of legal actions.

Also call better business bureau.

The company that ripped you off will go on a list of shady business practices and maybe save another consumer from getting ripped off.


What? Looks good bro.I don't see a problem.


thank you sooooooo much for telling the rest of us HOW THIS PRODUCT SUCKS

I WAS GOING TO BUY THESE FAKE PEICES OF *** GARBAGE, that was UNTIL i read uour comment

I now to will tell my friends and they'll tell there friends and they'll tell there friends.....

i believe i made my point

thank you again


to Anonymous Garden Grove, California, United States #1352582

Thanks for the heads-up. I'll look elsewhere. Any suggestions?

Torrance, California, United States #1034843

You are totally dumb to have gotten some mail order dental treatment instead of going to a regular dentist.You know this outfit is practicing illegally, don't you?

So you have no legal recourse.A fool and his money are soon parted.

to Hank Haymarket, Virginia, United States #1059440

Torrance, California....maybe you should consider yourself blessed or lucky that you have never been in a desperate situation in life where you grasped on to hope.

If you have never been duped in anything because of desperation or "dumbness" thank your lucky stars, you're one in a million!......NOT

to Truf Torrance, California, United States #1113942

Let me get this straight.You took your OWN impression- with what?

You sent it to some mail-order lab. They made some kind of fake porcelain teeth WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT YOUR *** WAS LIKE. And you were supposed to cement it with what? Elmer's glue?

How did you EXPECT this to work???Gosh, for so much money you could have gotten a REAL dentist to do something useful!!!

to Hank Garden Grove, California, United States #1352589

Your point was made.

to Truf Garden Grove, California, United States #1352587

I am in agreement with you. I'll try almost anything to correct this with no insurance. But I can see where some truble may lay ahead.


when u make a purchase with a credit card, are u allowed to say that it was stolen?I mean if you do not get a product isn't it covered..

even with a social security debit card a person can claim this to get a refund from the company who took their money.

Are people paying in cash or what?:(

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