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Long story short ,8month ago I started ,the Veneers are horrible ,even my dogs were laughing at me ,I send them back ,send hundreds of emails ,calls ,and nothing ,I work 3 jobs and I just wanted to look nice ( I have a tooth missing in the front )for my sons wedding and help me in the work place .this company needs to get closed down.if anyone is out there who can help ,I don't know what too due . I will contract diffrent tv stations to see if they can help .this is a very bad company and I can't believe they getting away with it .Thanks Andy

Review about: Brighter Image Lab Veneer.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I also contacted this company thinking they would supply me wwith teeth I

could wear.The first teeth they sent me looked like costume gag teeth.

They sent me another impression kit , and for some crazy reason I still didn't realize they were a scam company. I received the second teeth that were worst than the first veneers they sent me. They blame me and said I

didn't do the impressions right.

I contacted my bank.

They requested all of the communication I and the company had with each other.

I also requested a refund from my bank account since I paid them with my

credit card, stating that they fraudulently took money from me, knowing they couldn't give me teeth I could wear. I also contacted the BBB Bureau. They must have contacted this company because, Thank God, they refunded my $642.00 dollars back.

I wish you the best.


My god people!! What is it about typing behind a computer that takes away the basic decency we should have toward each other?! Andy, I wish you the best of luck getting your money back, some people are just rude.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1059064

if you ordered by credit card you can have them get your money back i used that leverage to get mine They are cheap but for the price im happy had to do some work on them to fit comfortably I feel sorry i went through it to with them I do like the fact that they dont need glue to keep them on


I, for one, appreciate your honest review and the photos.I think it will save people a lot of trouble down the road!

God bless you :) As for the people who decided to leave mean comments...

Maybe get a hobby or something.Being rude to strangers on the internet for no reason seems like a waste of time.

San Clemente, California, United States #956720

Wow please tell me you can take those out. Your gums would look better than that lady, come on. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm sure you're a nice person.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #923972

Dayum, I want my piano keys back. This lab stole them.


They look very natural.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #863433

Labs are for dentists to send patient cases to.It is illegal for them to treat patients directly.

You went to someone operating who was performing dentistry illegally, and then you wonder why the outcome was poor?

By the way, your face form displaying a lot of gums is one that is VERY difficult to place veneers in, and make them look decent.This should have been explained to you to start with.

Next time, go to a reputable dentist WITH A DENTAL LICENSE.

to Seasoned Dentist Spring, Texas, United States #997503

When will people like you -- most likely with money to burn -- get a clue.She SAID she works three jobs and wanted to look nice for her son's wedding.

I am dealing with cancer where radiation has ruined my teeth. I am on disability -- I CAN'T AFFORD A DENTIST. If I could (as I am sure this nice lady would have) I would have gone too the best in town. I hope you are always so rich with the big bucks and never have to suffer.

I have been on both ends.It can happen toy you.

to suse #1075467

No disrespect but its not about money.Its about attitude.

If you have an attitude that equates money with not suffering, then no amount can ever suffice. He didnt say get an MORE EXPENSIVE dentist, he said get a LICENSED one.

And Im sorry, but was whatever amount of dollars she saved by not going with a licensed practicioner worth the 800 she lost with her sub-par results?I am far from rich (dollar wise) but i know that the cheap is very expensive.

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