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After reading so many horrible reviews , FORGET IT! I don't need the hassle , and I get to keep my money!

I am so glad I decided to check them out first! Thank you Jehovah! It is so sad that people will hide behind a company like this one, where we the poor or who work hard for every penny is taken thinking they are getting something good.

I too will be letting anyone I know about how this company deals with their customers, and one would wonder why if the are so great at what they do, they don't have a physical office that one can actually walk into? Things that make you go Hmmmm!

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What kind of jerk writes a one star review for a product they've never tried just because they read other one star reviews? What is wrong with you??


what a bunch of whiners that's why I hate sites like this...I did some in depth research and they have dramatically more satisfied customers than a former business owner..the whiners usually account for ten times more bad reviews than good customers..this isn't a perfect system..I have had mine for four month and they do what I want them to do. I wear them when I go out of my took a little adjusting, but for the money, they are by far the best value on the market..I looked into veneers and I would have had to have braces first then the cost when over $14,000 when all is said and done and they also have to take off some of your tooth enamel to do it..I got uppers here for around $ of the better investments that I have made


So that people like who are considering this don't get scammed. That's why.

If they were truly providing the service they promised they would have rave reviews. That's why.


Why are you reviewing a service you have never used! Ridiculous.


I agree with Shannon. If you've only read other reviews you have no business doing a review. This is no place to start a rumor mill.


How can this be a review? They don't even know first hand and they haven't described anything on why the company is bad.


You made the right choice!


Any time a company can't stand behind it's work, is unworthy of the customers money.

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