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On September 2016 I purchased both bottom and top arches from BRIGHTER IMAGE LAP - PRESS ON VENEERS After seeing them on the doctors show. I purchased online to a total of $2,396 AU I received my kit in a timely manner did the impressions being so particular about doing it correctly and taking my time.

Once I did my impressions clearly seeing all of my teeth in the impression ,I sent it back off I Received my veneers some weeks/month later.. there was a solid tooth at the front when I know my mouldings had a clear impression of my front teeth and the whole finish was a mess and BAD engineering. I thought maybe a machine broke? Heather Wiggins answered my first call, probably the most inappropriate person to be having interaction with human beings and answering calls but anyway She " took notes " 1.

The solid tooth issue 2. The teeth unfinished and flaky 3. Terrible engineering and without any sympathy or apology for this disappointed client said " We will send another kit out " and hung up... something so personal made so impersonal in a second.

I'm sure so many people like myself that have taken the harder path in life because of their teeth would think this company was incredible, be beyond excited for a life of better quality and eagerly await their next delivery. I thought Maybe I had done something so technically wrong with my impression to warrant what i received the first time. Staying positive despite the treatment I'd received on the phone I waited.. Weeks later the impression kit arrived, my Dentist took my impressions for me this time and they were sent off.

Weeks/month later these ' veneers ' arrived Solid tooth again and now with a split down the middle of the other front tooth. Hacks , chips and utterly disgusting finishing all over.. 100 times worse than the first lot i received. I called my dentist that day and was I was able to get in to see him the following morning.

He was speechless as to what I'd just received then furious. I called Bright image Lab honestly so deflated but still polite just wanting my money back, $2,396 is a lot of money for this rubbish, i wasn't expecting the treatment i was about to get.. Not what they advertised at all on the Doctors the product i received, Not what they show online as advertisement, not even close!! Hacks, actual chunks out of the arches and flakes of plastic I'm meant to put in my mouth ?

to digest? To my luck Heather Wiggins answered, treated with no kindness and spoken to in a cold manner, I was told to send them back for a refund claim. I did this Tracked the parcel but she never told me it arrived so I had to email her and let her know i saw that it had arrived via my tracking app. She said she would follow it up..

I heard nothing. I emailed again for an update and it was then i got a reply that it had been submitted for a refund. I asked that my email be attached to the notes as to my reasons requesting a refund. I know their is no money back poilcy but the fact they breached their own policy by not providing me veneers built the the best of the dental labs efforts like the efforts they made for all those that they use to advertise.

I waited 15 days and after Heather didn't email me back I had to call. She wouldn't talk to me, I thought rather odd. I hadn't done anything to warrant this. I just wanted to know about my refund for the damaged,defected veneers they clearly didn't spend anytime on.

I had a note about the solid front tooth attached to the account ( apparently ) and it still came back the same way! Not that overall this is the only issue because you couldn't wear and would not put them in your mouth anyway. About 10 minutes after i called and she wouldn't talk to me I got a copy and paste email about their refund policy from her and told me i could have another kit sent out. I waited 15 days for this?

and I had to chase it up too? I was not given any reason why they thought what i received was Ok and no apology either. Forever chasing this company, they took my money and treated me with no respect. I have tried to call and she will not speak with me and I've been refused to speak to the manager / owner ( you know the one that likes to be in all the motivational caring videos ) at this point I realised I really had been scammed.

I had been patient and polite. At this stage my plan to follow through legal proceedings paused due to by baby boys cancer diagnosis and 15 week chemo plan. I tried to contact on Facebook and was blocked, they tend to spend more time protecting their online image rather than looking after their REAL clients. Frustrated and feeling physically sick I found this owner Bill Watson on twitter, an extremely tacky way to have to contacted the man that took your money and will not speak with you about the damaged product you had been sent.

I felt criminalised for something they were doing to me. Bill Watson continually sent photos of their " professional advertising photos " with no words or with just insensitive advertising slang in response to my contact. Ignoring my pleas to listen to me or speak with me on the phone. It was infuriating, I sent photos of what I received, my invoice, my account number.

It got to the point I asked him to stop taunting and bullying me with with advertising photos, its hurts to be teased for not getting a product they promised. They have my money and i have nothing. They didn't earn this money they stole it. There is something not right when the management will not speak with you.

I have recored calls and many emails, screen shots of heartless behaviour. No one will talk to me, i haven't yelled or sworn it's like a twilight zone. I only wanted my money back, they are not covered for this as it states ( look in photos ) . I even tried to write an email to compromise refund minus postage, then i went to minus 80% but nothing.

I told them they left me no choice but to share my story online. I hope my beautiful boy will be in remission after this 15 weeks of chemotherapy and maybe then can afford to continue with legal proceedings after that. I am out $2,396 and have been taunted by the owner.

My anxiety pains are pretty much constant thinking about this situation and my stomach hurts so much. I just don't want this to happen to anyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Brighter Image Lab Veneer.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2396.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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TO DEAR BILL OWNER OF THIS COMPANY , With all due respect, I was about to pull outsell some of my bitcoin and get the best ones you have for nearly 3000 dollars...I was completely sold on it, I understand how con artist will placate people with fake ads and such, but What is your explanation about the Reviews at BBB, are you this same company right? I mean this will all due respect as I am honestly about to purchase tomorrow, but what if I don't get the veneers I paid for and in 7-10 Days I would pay extra for?

What if they break and I can't get a warranty from you guys. You know I am a businessman and reach a huge network doing reviews on Trustpilot and reach about 120 million per month, If I were to purchase these Bil Veneers, top-notch pair for top and bottom, It really is eerie that I may not get them, or I am sure you have read the cases here https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/ft-worth/profile/veneers/brighter-image-teeth-whitening-0825-23****296 Or say this woman's review here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG5uE_s9tqY TRUST Me I have been in business just as long as you, I also worked d my Family run business, and I know how shills and other gatekeepers for other business acts, but why not just be ethical about it, and honest with yourself; I am way bought on your sales videos, I was...but doing some research it is very scary if that womans above is the top-line ones you sell...Unless you are saying that isn't your brand, I am confused now...IS THERE ANY POSSIBLE WAY, that I can get some sort of a contract that states I get a full refund IF I DO NOT GET My Veneers in the allotted time I paid for like the one week expedited shipping? Or how about this, can I pay for half of it, I am good for my money, and when I get them, I pay you the other half...Do you guys not have actual product Veneers to show off, why were they cheap-looking in that woman's vide. I normally am never scared to actually buy something, but if I lose about 3 G and don't get what I am desiring and dreaming about, I will get really upset.

I would say I can be your best friend or worst nightmare. PLEASE Say it ain't so, and that you guys are legit. YES, I am a review writer pro, you can look up my reviews on Trustpilot, but many companies I have seen made their money and they don't care about the bad reviews. However, It seems a repeated dilemma on not responding back, no phone number, or email not handled with Professional rep etc.

I am sure you already know or heard it all before. I really do want to trust you. I know times are hard and I know I couldn't rip someone off and live to look in the mirror. I will say this, if I ordered it and it was legit and I got the best as you said, I can guarantee the world will know the absolute true truth about you guys once and for all, with no doubts...So Sell me on it, what can do you to convince me I actually will get what I paid for, I mean no one wants to spend even 500$ let alone more than 1000 Dollars for something and never get it, or get a plastic knock off that then breaks in half and no honor to the year or two warranty.

Like I said my mother and I have been in business for over 25 years with Town Plaza Hair Studio, and then My company Plott Palm Trees, I Don't even have one bad review, because I make sure each and every client is completely satisfied. I am not bragging, as I know you all are much bigger and have the market nitched in your favor. I then saw this Army Vet and what he said about the quality being " " Their product is a very thin fragile piece of hard plastic and a tooth pick is stronger"" TRUSTPILOT REVIEW and I am reading more now here https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/6097****f9f4870a7872b3c6 If all these bad reviews are true truth, you might as well hang up your hat and call it an evening. I want to give it a chance so bad, but.

I hear one thing vs another and no way of knowing I will actually receive a solid veneer with it not broken in half. Sorry, I wrote a novel here, I can do the same when or if I write a review. How can you prove Your product is as solid and tough as you say, vs all the broken ones people get in the mail, and how can you express that I will get what I pay for...You really can't can you.

It's a risk, but I order online every day all the time, with no issues. It is your Niche and I say this with all Kindest Regards, ~Earth Man Erik Plott Harvard Researcher Plant-Based Nutritionist Cornell ~E.G.Plott~


I am another unhappy customer. Their claims are false about stain resistant teeth.

I purposefully did not eat or drink in my veneer. Veneer started yellowing after the 2nd day.

I did as recommended, soak in a non-abrasive dental cleansing tablet/water overnight and wipe clean with a soft cloth. Teeth are now literally a light color brown.


I saw this ads online and the teeth look so cheap, it’s basically a glorified snap on smile. People please use your 2,000 as a down payment for real veneers, not some cheap toy teeth.


They did me the same way. We need to file a class-action lawsuit and put them out of business.


I contacted the Texas Attorney General. Texas Attorney General


I wanted their veneers. I put 149 down, and got sent their cl teact.

RED FLAGS. I chose not to sign and requested a refund. They said it's processing.. still have yet to get it.

I went with Instasmile. And couldn't be happier!!


This company literally stole my money. I returned the impression material at my own expense because I was dealing with a serious illness.

They claimed it was never received and kept almost $800. Has anyone successfully gotten their money back?


no, they did me the exact same way... Class-action lawsuit.


These people are truly scammers and pick people to victimize. I have spent aroung $500 with these *** I chose installments with them.

They offered to fully refund me my investment; I have yet to receive it. Hope I do. I wish to proceed with legal hearings with these monsters. Bill Watson looks like something evil.

He looks like a reptile- scares me. I would not want to go on any sort of outing with him. He looks like a serial rapist or killer. I know that he is a serial scammer.

This is on the same lines of rape; raping people of their money.

Seeing him on the internet he looks like something evil is what I felt about him when first laying eyes on him. I be dam if my preminition was not correct about this person and all of the *** who work along beside this reptile.


Thank you for posting this, I was considering ordering from this company, so glad I did not, thank you


Thank you for sharing your own story and I decided NOT to do business with this brighterimagelab.


Shameful behavior. Get a lawyer.

This is unacceptable. Also, report them to the Better Business Bureau. Don't take this lying down, because that's what they're hoping you'll do.They're hoping you'll get tired of fighting to get your refund. Don't do it!!!

Fight for what's rightfully yours.

You've done nothing wrong. I hope things improve for you and your little one.


Thank you!! I want very interested but for the price, it looks too good to be true, so I came to see reviews. Thank you for sharing your experiences and saving me money and headache


All those pictures they post are fake ... this stuff looks like it’s from the dollar store . I’ve also been robbed


I’m confused why you didn’t just have your dentist do this procedure for you being that he/she was involved in helping you. My dentist offered to do it for me recently.


Because it costs thousands and thousands of dollars!! I was quoted 65,000 at the dentist


Hopefully you filed a complaint with the BBB.


LOL! You paid big money for something you saw on a TV show! If it's on TV, it has got to be legit, right?


Anyone who tries to take their own impression after being sold over the internet and watching a TV ad deserves to be fleeced. You gave swindlers your money and you will never see your money again.

Wise up! You need a dentist for esthetic improvement, not a second rate lab man who runs a confidence scam!


After going through so many of these comments it has become clear that Anonymous is a troll, an agitator who just wants to prey on peoples feelings.

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