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On September 2016 I purchased both bottom and top arches from BRIGHTER IMAGE LAP - PRESS ON VENEERS After seeing them on the doctors show. I purchased online to a total of $2,396 AU I received my kit in a timely manner did the impressions being so particular about doing it correctly and taking my time.

Once I did my impressions clearly seeing all of my teeth in the impression ,I sent it back off I Received my veneers some weeks/month later.. there was a solid tooth at the front when I know my mouldings had a clear impression of my front teeth and the whole finish was a mess and BAD engineering. I thought maybe a machine broke? Heather Wiggins answered my first call, probably the most inappropriate person to be having interaction with human beings and answering calls but anyway She " took notes " 1.

The solid tooth issue 2. The teeth unfinished and flaky 3. Terrible engineering and without any sympathy or apology for this disappointed client said " We will send another kit out " and hung up... something so personal made so impersonal in a second.

I'm sure so many people like myself that have taken the harder path in life because of their teeth would think this company was incredible, be beyond excited for a life of better quality and eagerly await their next delivery. I thought Maybe I had done something so technically wrong with my impression to warrant what i received the first time. Staying positive despite the treatment I'd received on the phone I waited.. Weeks later the impression kit arrived, my Dentist took my impressions for me this time and they were sent off.

Weeks/month later these ' veneers ' arrived Solid tooth again and now with a split down the middle of the other front tooth. Hacks , chips and utterly disgusting finishing all over.. 100 times worse than the first lot i received. I called my dentist that day and was I was able to get in to see him the following morning.

He was speechless as to what I'd just received then furious. I called Bright image Lab honestly so deflated but still polite just wanting my money back, $2,396 is a lot of money for this rubbish, i wasn't expecting the treatment i was about to get.. Not what they advertised at all on the Doctors the product i received, Not what they show online as advertisement, not even close!! Hacks, actual chunks out of the arches and flakes of plastic I'm meant to put in my mouth ?

to digest? To my luck Heather Wiggins answered, treated with no kindness and spoken to in a cold manner, I was told to send them back for a refund claim. I did this Tracked the parcel but she never told me it arrived so I had to email her and let her know i saw that it had arrived via my tracking app. She said she would follow it up..

I heard nothing. I emailed again for an update and it was then i got a reply that it had been submitted for a refund. I asked that my email be attached to the notes as to my reasons requesting a refund. I know their is no money back poilcy but the fact they breached their own policy by not providing me veneers built the the best of the dental labs efforts like the efforts they made for all those that they use to advertise.

I waited 15 days and after Heather didn't email me back I had to call. She wouldn't talk to me, I thought rather odd. I hadn't done anything to warrant this. I just wanted to know about my refund for the damaged,defected veneers they clearly didn't spend anytime on.

I had a note about the solid front tooth attached to the account ( apparently ) and it still came back the same way! Not that overall this is the only issue because you couldn't wear and would not put them in your mouth anyway. About 10 minutes after i called and she wouldn't talk to me I got a copy and paste email about their refund policy from her and told me i could have another kit sent out. I waited 15 days for this?

and I had to chase it up too? I was not given any reason why they thought what i received was Ok and no apology either. Forever chasing this company, they took my money and treated me with no respect. I have tried to call and she will not speak with me and I've been refused to speak to the manager / owner ( you know the one that likes to be in all the motivational caring videos ) at this point I realised I really had been scammed.

I had been patient and polite. At this stage my plan to follow through legal proceedings paused due to by baby boys cancer diagnosis and 15 week chemo plan. I tried to contact on Facebook and was blocked, they tend to spend more time protecting their online image rather than looking after their REAL clients. Frustrated and feeling physically sick I found this owner Bill Watson on twitter, an extremely tacky way to have to contacted the man that took your money and will not speak with you about the damaged product you had been sent.

I felt criminalised for something they were doing to me. Bill Watson continually sent photos of their " professional advertising photos " with no words or with just insensitive advertising slang in response to my contact. Ignoring my pleas to listen to me or speak with me on the phone. It was infuriating, I sent photos of what I received, my invoice, my account number.

It got to the point I asked him to stop taunting and bullying me with with advertising photos, its hurts to be teased for not getting a product they promised. They have my money and i have nothing. They didn't earn this money they stole it. There is something not right when the management will not speak with you.

I have recored calls and many emails, screen shots of heartless behaviour. No one will talk to me, i haven't yelled or sworn it's like a twilight zone. I only wanted my money back, they are not covered for this as it states ( look in photos ) . I even tried to write an email to compromise refund minus postage, then i went to minus 80% but nothing.

I told them they left me no choice but to share my story online. I hope my beautiful boy will be in remission after this 15 weeks of chemotherapy and maybe then can afford to continue with legal proceedings after that. I am out $2,396 and have been taunted by the owner.

My anxiety pains are pretty much constant thinking about this situation and my stomach hurts so much. I just don't want this to happen to anyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Brighter Image Lab Veneer.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2396.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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i will not be spending my money with them !!


Have you tried taking your case to the Doctors television show. I have heard they are very careful with their endorsements.

I hope and pray they can help you.

God Bless you and your child. Try not to worry, things seem to work out in the end and people usually get what they deserve.


Thank You for posting this review. I was all set to purchase products from this company.

but after reading your post there's NO way I'm risking it.Kind Regards. Maria


Thanks for your story. I was going to make a purchase after seeing the doctors. But after seeing reviews , I will stay away from brighter image lab.


I was just about to purchase Veneers from them and for my my cousins..forget them.Shame on them .I will send copy of your complaint to To our U.S .Attorneys office .I will send and file with the one in texas.If you need any help plz reply back with any questions you have.Godbless your little boy ans may he get stronger..


Same thing happened to me when i lost 1200 dollars to them. I'm willing to pay money to get justice for how they did me.

to Anonymous #1477188

Really? And i was thinking of buying some..i just seen their videos..but now im not sure anymore....their has to be a better company doing the same process as them but better quality.


Hope everyone get together and back this guy


No one deserves to be treated like this I am deeply sorry for your little boy as for the company Brighter Smile my massage to you Is what comes around go's around and I hope everyone puts it around ps I pray all works out for you and your family in the coming future Sir God bless you!!!


I'm so sorry for what happened to you I'm searching for this product and definitely I will NOT buy it hope everyone read this review. Good luck


They got me for alittle over 3 grand and they will not help me either.. :(

to Jenn #1456186

Don't let happen to others that's what u need to do gd luck man



Garden Grove, California, United States #1352599

Sorry to hear all of that but thank you for sharing. Hope all is well with you and your family.


Same thing happened to me I saw one lawyer from Dallas claiming he is concerned about this company and willing to file on them. He also says he gets paid for his hours and expenses before we get our money.

That is not good. I just sent an email and told him I'd give him 25%.


What Dr's TV Show was this service promoted????



to Dr. Thomas Topeka, Kansas, United States #1338139

Pardon me. Since the owner of this lab is not a dentist, how would the state association and American Dental Association be able to help?

Professional organization can't even discipline dentists, much less non-dentists.

It is illegal for dental labs to deal directly with the public. This lab is operating illegally anyway.

to Seasoned Dentist Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1354749

i was an employee here for a trimester and have learned they are absolutely cunning!! this company has unfortunately thrived and survived on leaping through loopholes and keeping this alive!

since they are not a dental practice and are a dental lab they avoid most issues with dental boards because they do not see any clients in their office. i quickly learned that the csr will use the mute button to talk *** about clients in the background or skype to eliminate any noise. the policies are very vague and even though there is a 14 day refund window i saw zero clients get refunds. their calls were constantly beat around the bush, ignored, or straight up were rude.

Bil is a great guy who does some great work for (some) people but unfortunately not everyone.

this company has taken advantage of people who are low on funds, on their last wit, and last chance to smile again. i definitely feel it is time to end this!!

to anti-Bil vigilante #1434867

All dental labs must fabricate prostheses only by prescriptions from a licensed dentist. To do otherwise is considered practicing dentistry without a license.

This is a felony in most states. But boards are up to their ears with complaints about corporate practices and probably do not have the time to pursue this con artist.

The idea of patients taking their own impression in a stock tray of one size with silicone putty only, and no light-bodied silicone is ridiculous in the extreme.

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