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if i wrote on here everything i have sent to Laurie, Heather, Michelle...i would have to write a book. This has been going on for a year now...they NEVER made ONE veneer that even came close to fitting me..i ended up needing braces, and was told by them that i had "altered" my teeth...i have sent letters back and forth to the BBB in Texas...nothing done..The director of this company is Bill Watson, I have called and emailed at least 50 or more... Read more

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Hello everyone my name is ESTHRR TODD abd i called brighter image lab about veneers i sent pictures first ,because my teeth are crooked so i sent pictures before purchase, i was assured i could be fitted September 2014 needless to say after 2nd attempt of veneers i knew I was a special case and could not be fitted , I started asking for my money back,guess what, its now October 2016 no veneers and no money back ,you... Read more

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This company Gave fedex the incorrect address for my delivery twice if I didn't contact the company I would of never of received the impressions or my actual $1000 veneers I had to find out from fedex and then inform brighter image of their mistake and the woman didn't apologize either time this happened this is a mistake on their end and they didn't even apologize for it I've seen reviews saying their customer service is top notch and I 100%... Read more

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paid for upper veneers, sent back for adjustments which i had to pay to do... came back still not right. they had me do new molds..sent them back again..came back worse then the first time... this company stinks!I asked for a refund. was told to email the accounting, so i emailed them twice. Havent heard anything from them and it has been months. They are a BIG fake.. DO NOT buy from them!!!They are horrible and they keep putting you off when... Read more

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I got mine.very sad.don not fit.look fake.this produt is terrible. Don not know what to do Read more

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I hate to break it to you but there is not a refund policy and Brighter Image Lab makes that abundantly clear in the beginning so don't act like you didn't know that! This is custom work, there are no refunds when purchasing custom work!! If you didn't like your veneers either you didn't do the impressions right, or BIL would have made adjustments and let you retake your impressions and would have made you a completely new veneer FREE OF... Read more

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I applied to get financing. I had questions. The only way to get answers about the financing was through email. Took them 3 days to respond. They didnt answer all of my questions. So I had to wait for 2 days for a response to the last question and then when I decided to move forward they cancelled my account and said that it had expired. Then I tried to just pay the 2 payments and they accepted and then called me and said that in the... Read more

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Don't buy the veneers !!!! It looks cheap and fake !

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You must have had buck teeth to begin with. It is common sense that if you have protruding teeth to begin with ...veneers are going to make it worse because that's another layer to the teeth. I have buck teeth in front to and would never order them for my top. However my bottom teeth are ok. I just have 2 missing teeth that I think these would be really good for me. I wonder if going to a dentist and asking them to make the impression for me... Read more

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I ordered top and bottom veneers and they were absymal. Heather wiggins at brighter image continues to state I am not entitled to a refund as I opened a PayPal dispute. I sent veneers back for full refund, got nothing. PayPal won't help in custom made items. Heather wiggins talks some right *** clearly doesn't know the law and refuses to give me the refund or veneers. Appalling, I am now looking at lawsuit and reporting them to office of fair... Read more

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